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2008 BMW 535xi Turbo Replacement

2008 BMW 535xi Turbo Replacement

We were presented with a special opportunity to restore the performance of a 2008 BMW 535xi. With135,000 miles, the car still had plenty of life left in it, but with the infamousN54 twin-turbo engine, it needed a full refresh. The customer had noted serious issues with the notorious “waste-gate rattle” and failing boost pressure.

While turbocharged engines are always complex, the precision-tuned nature of BMW engineering, coupled with the location of the turbos and the all-wheel drive obstacle, this was a highly in-depth job.

To access the turbos, we had to remove the front end, lift the engine, and disconnect the suspension. Once we had access, we also identified a major leak in the rear main seal, thus requiring us to completely remove the engine.

We replaced the turbos, oil supply lines, rear main seal, water pump, and o2 sensors while we were at it.  At the customer’s request, we worked with our partner auto body shop ((NAME)) to have the bumper and hood repainted.

“I have struggled to find a mechanic that I can trust for general maintenance, let alone extensive work like this. Ben and his team were incredibly responsive, competitively priced, and meticulous. The attention to detail is second to none. I have found my forever mechanic.” – Jake (Glenelg, Maryland)

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2008 BMW 535xi Turbo Replacement